Vanuatu Citizenship Application Process/Act

Vanuatu Citizenship Application Process/Act: The Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program is open to apply for all interested applicants.

Sequence of application process

How to apply for Vanuatu citizenship. Application processes especially when dealing with bureaucratic and legal processes are usually difficult to understand. We try to explain the application process for the Vanuatun Citizenship by Investment Program as simply as possible. During the entire application process, our experienced consultants will be happy to help and advise you at any time. The Vanuatu Citizenship Program is open to apply for all interested applicants. Even stateless persons can participate in this program. The application process is divided into the following five points.

Application Process


Principal applicant must provide a clear copy of his/ her passport and a non-refundable processing fee of 5.000 US$ as a Single or 10.000 US$ for family. The background check may take up to 3 working days. Ensure that your personal asset statement is over USD250,000 and send a copy (in case of a family application, each family member who is 12 years old and above, should submit their passport copy).


Relevant government authorities issue a written report after the background checks are completed. At this stage, the applicant will enter into a written agreement with the Citizenship Commission's designated agent to begin the processing of the application. The applicant fills and sign all application forms and provides all documents. 


A letter is issued by the Citizenship Commission to the applicant confirming the application as APPROVED and COMPLETED. The payment made to designed Lawyer from the Government in USD Account.



The Naturalization certificate is issued by the Citizenship Commission. The Applicant will receive a soft copy of the Citizenship Certificate.



The Citizenship Commission issues the Certificate of Citizenship and the passport. Applicant takes their Oath. This will be commissioned by the Commissioner of Oath from the Vanuatu Government. In this ceremony the new Citizen receives their Certificate of Vanuatu Citizenship as well as their new Vanuatu Passport.


Then apply now.

Vanuatu Citizenship Application Form

Important Note

Important Infos :

After the processing time of 15-45 days you get your Citizenship

Candidate has three options to take the Oath of Allegiance and picks up the passport:

Travel to Vanuatu to appear before a commissioner of Oath to receive his citizenship certificate and Passport, Or

Invite the Commissioner of Oath to his country to deliver the Citizenship Certificate and Passport. In this case, Candidate must pay for tickets and hotel. Or,

Wait for Commissioner of Oath scheduled visit to nearest Embassy or Vanuatu Diplomatic Mission (Brussels, New York or Beirut) to come in person and pickup his Citizenship Certificate and passport. 

There are many black sheep in this area, which require the investor to transfer the funds to their own company account! Especially in China and Hong Kong! Please only work with an accredited government agent.
You also need to know that there are two different programs in Vanuatu! One is especially for citizens from China and Korea, which is a bit more expensive, the other is for the rest of the nationalities. An agency claims that it has the exclusive contract. That's a scam! There are 8 direct agents who can sell both variants.
We offer the program, which applies to every nationality and is also cheaper.
We have direct access to the government as well as to the commission and our office also in Vanuatu.