Vanuatu Citizenship Oath of Allegiance

Ceremony for applicants in the Asia region.

Oath of Allegiance

Oath of Allegiance: The Citizenship Ceremony for applicants in the Asia region will take place at the Government of Vanuatu Hong Kong Consul offices. Candidate has three options to take the Oath of Allegiance and picks up the passport:

  • Travel to Vanuatu to appear before a commissioner of Oath to receive his citizenship certificate and Passport.

  • OR
  • Invite the Commissioner of Oath to his country to deliver the Citizenship Certificate and Passport. In this case, Candidate must pay for tickets and hotel.

  • OR
  • Wait for Commissioner of Oath scheduled visit to nearest Embassy or Vanuatu Diplomatic Mission (Brussels, New York or Beirut) to come in person and pickup his Citizenship Certificate and passport.


Each applicant will swear their Oath of Allegiance to become a Citizen of Vanuatu with the following words as below: "I, do this day of XXXX solemnly affirm that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the President and the Republic of Vanuatu."