Vanuatu Citizenship Commission

What is the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission? Who are the members of this commission and how is it formed?

Vanuatu Citizenship Commission - Citizenship Act (Cap 112)

The Vanuatu Citizenship Commission is formed on the basis of the Citizenship Act (Cap 112) - Laws of the Republic of Vanuatu. The full explanation and definition follows from Part 2 which reads as follows.

PART 2 – Citizenship Commission

2. Establishment of Citizenship Commission
There is hereby established a commission to be known as the Citizenship Commission.

3. Membership of the Commission
(1) The Commission shall consist of a chairman and not less than four nor more than six other members all appointed by the President on the advice of the Prime Minister.
(2) Subject to subsection (1) members of the Commission shall hold office for a period of 3 years and shall be eligible for reappointment.
(3) A person shall not be eligible to be appointed a member of the Commission unless he is a citizen of Vanuatu.

4. Resignation and removal of members of the Commission
(1) A member of the Commission may resign his office by notice in writing signed by him and delivered to the President.
(2) The President may remove a member of the Commission with effect from a date notified by him in the Vanuatu Gazette.

5. Functions and powers of the Commission
(1) The Commission shall carry out such functions as are provided for it in this or any other Act.
(2) The Commission shall have such powers as are conferred on it specifically or by necessary implication by this or any other Act and shall generally in addition have such powers as shall enable it to exercise any of its functions.

6. Ministerial directions and requests
(1) The Prime Minister may give directions to the Commission of a general nature concerning the exercise of its functions or powers and the Commission shall comply with such directions.
(2) The Prime Minister may in writing require the Commission to advise him on any matter relating to citizenship and the Commission shall comply with such requirement.

7. Meetings and procedure
(1) The Commission shall hold such meetings as its chairman shall consider necessary.
(2) The quorum for meetings shall be the chairman and half the other members of the Commission.
(3) If the chairman for good cause cannot attend a meeting the Prime Minister shall appoint a member to act as chairman for that meeting.
(4) The Commission shall decide matters before it by a simple majority of the members present and voting. In cases of equality of voting the chairman shall have a casting vote.
(5) Subject to such rules as the Prime Minister may make by Order the Commission may determine its own procedure with regard to the convening and conduct of meetings.

Short visit from GCI Chairman to a few members of the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission

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Prime Minister Bob Loughman

GCI Chairman meets Prime Minister Bob Loughman