Vanuatu Citizenship Sale

Vanuatu Citizenship Sale - Vanuatu has officially cut prices by 30% for its Citizenship Program.

Vanuatu Citizenship Sale - 30% off

May. 02, 2018. Vanuatu Citizenship Sale - Vanuatu has officially cut prices by 30% for its Citizenship Program. According to the DSP Regulation order No. 45 and 46 under Citizenship Act by the Prime Minister of Vanuatu, the official prices for Vanuatu Honorary Citizenship have been reduced, as officially announced by Government.

New prices for Vanuatu Citizenship

Previously the price for single person applying for citizenship was $220,000. Now the new prices are:

  • 150,000 USD for single person applying for citizenship
  • 200,000 USD for married couple with 2 children

The above fee includes all agents and third party fees when applying for citizenship.

With the new lower prices, Vanuatu citizenship program keeps its main competitive advantages: fastest in the world processing time (14-45 days total), large number of visa-free destinations (124 countries including Russia, United Kingdom, Schengen states) with relatively simple application process.

With Vanuatu, a first attractive Pacific program will significantly diversify and expand the global citizenship market for investment. This program has the potential to create a series of truly significant cash injections for itself in an economy and as a forerunner of more strategic investments that can help to modernize and diversify the economies of often smaller states and create a better life for them "explains Zirbes, Board Advisor at GCI.

Important Infos:
There are many black sheep in this area, which require the investor to transfer the funds to their own company account! Especially in China and Hong Kong! Please only work with an accredited government agent. You also need to know that there are two different programs in Vanuatu! One is especially for citizens from China and Korea, which is a bit more expensive, the other is for the rest of the nationalities. An agency claims that it has the exclusive contract. That's a scam! There are 8 direct agents who can sell both variants. We offer the program, which applies to every nationality and is also cheaper. We have direct access to the government as well as to the commission and our office also in Vanuatu.

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